UroToday - A study from China evaluated the effect of familial aggregation on children with pediatric nocturnal enuresis (PNE) by evaluating nocturnal urine output and bladder and arousal function. Included in the study were 45 children with familial aggregation PNE (FPNE), 70 children with sporadic PNE (SPNE), and 10 children with normal lower urinary tract function but waiting for a urologic surgery (control group). Questionnaires of arousal from sleep (AS scores), bladder diaries, and daytime urodynamic studies were performed in all patients.

The group found that the incidence of severe PNE and nonmonosymptomatic PNE in the FPNE group were significantly higher than those in the SPNE group. The nocturnal urine output and AS scores in both PNE groups was significantly higher than the control group, and the maximal voided volume significantly smaller than those in control group. Moreover, the incidences of small bladder in FPNE group was 44%, significantly higher than that in SPNE group (21%), but no significant difference was found in nocturnal polyuria and arousal AS scores between the 2 PNE groups. There were 53% patents with daytime detrusor overactivity and 60% patents with urodynamic functional bladder outflow obstruction in FPNE group, significantly higher than those in SPNE group (19% and 37%). Maximum cystometric capacity significantly decreased from control group to FPNE group.

The group concluded that familial aggregation has significant effects on the children with PNE, and children with FPNE are more likely to have severe symptoms and bladder dysfunction. They recommended that urodynamic studies for their diagnosis and treatment might help. It is still unclear if urodynamics truly is beneficial in children with pure voiding dysfunction.

Wang QW, Wen JG, Zhu QH, Zhang GX, Yang K, Wang Y, Zhu ZQ, Li ZZ, Zhang RL, Yang YF, Wei JX
Neurourol Urodyn. 2008 Nov 14. Epub ahead of print.

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