The Pfizer Foundation, a charitable organisation established by Pfizer Inc, a research-based pharmaceutical company, declared a $33m USD multi-year programme to support public health programmes to address the emerging global challenges in cancer and tobacco control.

Pfizer said it has entered into partnerships with 15 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in 26 countries, including Algeria, China, Japan, Italy, Brazil and Argentina. The Pfizer claims the programme confirms their global commitment to working with a diverse group of local NGO experts towards improving the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and reducing the disease's incidence and burden.

John Hopkins University has been selected to evaluate the Global Health Partnerships programme.

According to Pfizer, the initial grant will help cancer and tobacco control organisations build their capacity through training and technical assistance, establish national cancer control plans and improve patient services. The grants will also improve information sharing among cancer and tobacco control leaders and help develop targeted interventions and education campaigns.


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