Medifit Instruments Limited, the world leading company in the measurement of Cardiac Vagal Tone and non-invasive Brainstem Assessment, Presents the One Stop Cardio-Vascular Monitoring solution for Veterinary Surgeons.

The NeuroScopeTM has been successfully used in studies for the 'Real-time measurement of cardiac vagal tone in conscious dogs', published in the American Journal of physiology, which validates the benefits of the system.

The NeuroScopeTM is unique in its ability to provide Veterinary Surgeons with a vital signs monitoring platform for comprehensive assessment of the vital signs, synchronised on a beat-by-beat basis; for immediate interpretation; time locked and also stored for future use and evaluation. Never before has such a comprehensive level of information been so readily available during small and large animal examination and surgery.

Medifit Instruments Limited (based in London at Enfield) manufacture and Market the NeuroScopeTM which is the only diagnostic device capable of assessing Cardiac Vagal Tone, non-invasively and in real time. As part of the Central Medical Processor (as a tele-medicine vital signs platform) it is a world leader in the integration and management of patient vital signs and the assessment of brainstem function.

In clinical settings the Central Medical Processor enables the physician to view the patient as a virtual bulletin board of vital signs; the actions and reactions of the brainstem in real time are displayed on a beat by beat (heart beat) basis to provide an instant assessment of how the brain is reacting to any given circumstance and controlling the bodies reaction to that stimulii.

More information from the company - telephone (UK) (0)79 399 36419

Available for research purposes only in the United States of America.


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