The Commonwealth Government has today announced funding of more than $37 million for 320 community organisations to run local programs promoting healthy and active lifestyles.

The organisations are being funded through the Healthy Active Australia Community and School Grants Program, part of the Australian Better Health Initiative (ABHI).

Chronic diseases are responsible for nearly 80 per cent of the total burden of disease and injury in Australia and more than two-thirds of health expenditure. Many of the grants being announced today will help people wanting to reduce their risk of chronic disease through nutritional advice, physical activity programs and weight management.

Community organisations are in a good position to identify local problems and find local solutions. The Community and Schools Grants Program provides funding for local programs that promote healthier lifestyles.

Today's grants include projects to help people with disabilities, disadvantaged youth and people at risk of developing, chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. There are innovative education projects to improve eating habits as well as targeted sports programs. The funding will also allow the expansion of established community-run programs.

The Government is today announcing the list of community organisations that will receive project grants. School grants are to be announced in the future. Funding is dependent upon satisfactory contractual negotiations between the organisations and the Department of Health and Ageing.

ABHI is a four year, $500 million joint Australian Government and state and territory government initiative to strengthen the focus on preventative health, better management of chronic disease and health promotion.

A list of successful recipients can be found here.

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