A groundbreaking medical study centre is being planned for Mauritius to encourage healthcare companies to focus their attention on the plight of Africa.

The island - best known for its holiday beaches in the Indian Ocean and the last home of the dodo - has been chosen by an Oxford-based charity as the ideal location.

Mauritius has been chosen because of its political and economic stability and the need for a research centre of global standing in the African continent.

The commercial arm of the Oxford International Biomedical Centre wants to bring together international organisations to help address the appalling medical problems facing Africa.

The new centre will provide research facilities into diseases such as tuberculosis, AIDS and malaria and aims to attract smaller businesses as well as the giants of the scientific world.

The centre will also work closely with the University of Mauritius and the island's Ministry of Health to train scientists and investigate health disasters prevalent throughout the region.

"The tired approach of tirade, aid and trade is not working," says Dr Charles Pasternak, Director of OIBC.

"Solving the problems of Africa is immensely complex. Mauritius provides a perfect environment for us to devise the most appropriate rescue plans."

The OIBC, which is headed by Dr Charles Pasternak, is a charitable organization which aims to encourage the advancement in standards of health and education across the world. It advocates a low-cost technology to problems like clean drinking water, as well as a novel search for new drugs against tuberculosis.

Oxford International Biomedical Centre

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