Better Government for Older People has published the latest in a series of briefings - easy reference information leaflets for BGOP Older People's Forums/Advisory Groups, Local Authorities (County Councils who are BGOP members) and some PCTs. Each edition is dedicated to one of the BGOP strategic priorities on issues affecting older people.

BGOP Briefing 13 promotes community pharmacy to the BGOP audience and considers the role of community pharmacy in supporting older people. This includes how community pharmacists can support people in independent living and help patients to make the most of their medicines, at the same time reducing waste - particularly through MURs and repeat dispensing.

BGOP has been at the forefront of developing successful new approaches to enable public services to meet the challenges of our ageing society - for today's and tomorrow's older citizens.

Jenny Webb, NPA Professional Services Manager, commented: "As many as 50% of older people may not be getting optimum benefit from their medicines and many medicines are wasted in consequence. Community pharmacists are perfectly positioned to make a highly significant contribution to the cutting of this waste and to help people maintain their independence

Vanessa Taylor, Professional Executive Officer for East Sussex Local Pharmaceutical Committee said: "Working with BGOP has given us the opportunity to get the important message about the big problem regarding wasted medicine and hence wasted NHS funds, across to a really wide range of older people's groups."

BGOP briefings are available in the publications area of: bgop/home.aspx

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