Heska Corporation (Nasdaq: HSKA) today announced the launch of the new, improved i-STAT(R) 1 Handheld Clinical Analyzer.

Heska Corporation ("Heska") has placed a significant number of the original i-STAT analyzer with veterinarians worldwide. The i-STAT handheld analyzers are the only handheld analyzers available for veterinary medicine and provide veterinarians with critical electrolyte, blood gas, chemistry and basic hematology results in two minutes with just three drops of sample.

The new, improved i-STAT 1 analyzer offers the same extensive testing menu as the original analyzer, plus the new CHEM8+ cartridge. The CHEM8+ panel provides many of the tests typically needed for quick general or emergency assessment with just one cartridge. The i-STAT 1 analyzer also provides new testing platforms such as immunodiagnostic capability that will allow additional tests to be released in the future. Other improvements include infrared printer connectivity, upgraded storage capacity and ergonomic improvements.

"The new i-STAT 1 Handheld Clinical Analyzer represents the first of several new advancements we're making in veterinary diagnostic instrumentation," explains Todd Gilson, Vice President of Marketing at Heska Corporation ("Heska"). "The i-STAT 1 and original i-STAT analyzers enable veterinarians to make critical care decisions for their patients, whether in the hospital or in the field." Gilson concluded, "the i-STAT analyzers are clear examples of how Heska and veterinarians are working smarter, together to deliver the best care for companion animals."

Heska will provide live demonstrations of the new i-STAT 1 Handheld Clinical Analyzer at booth 1425 at the North American Veterinary Conference.

About Heska

Heska Corporation (Nasdaq: HSKA) sells advanced veterinary diagnostic and other specialty veterinary products. Heska's state-of-the-art offerings include diagnostic and monitoring instruments and supplies, as well as single use, point-of-care tests, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals. The company's core focus is on the canine, feline, and equine markets, where it strives to provide high value products for unmet needs in veterinary medicine. For further information on Heska and its products, visit the company's web site at heska.

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