During the Flu epidemic A/H1N1 in 2009, the trends published by Cegedim Strategic Data (CSD) through the use of their Longitudinal Patient Database (LPD) concerning seasonal influenza, Flu A/H1N1, and flu-like syndrome aligned closely with those published by governmental institutions (Sentinelles Network). The LPD peak trends of flu-related diagnoses were slightly in advance compared to those of the Sentinelles Network.

CSD's Medical Research team proposed an alternative for the early detection and follow-up of epidemics or disease outbreaks such as the Flu A/H1N1 epidemic in 2009 by using LPD (updated via Electronic Medical Records).

The real-time case reports of seasonal influenza, Flu A/H1N1, and flu-like syndrome provided by LPD closely matched those published by the Sentinelles Network (correlation of 97%) throughout 2009. During the peak epidemic period, from September to the end of 2009, the LPD data seemed to be in advance by at least a week. The Sentinelles Network provided detailed geographical information; therefore both channels of information are complementary. The total case declarations between LPD and the Sentinelles Network were similar (3,461,316 cases vs. 3,469,746 cases).

Cegedim Strategic Data's Longitudinal Patient Databases collect anonymised clinical data on a daily basis from a constant panel of over 8000 office-based Primary and Secondary care physicians worldwide who are equipped with Cegedim's Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software. In France, more than 2.5 million anonymous patient records are uploaded regularly by a network of 1,300 representative general practitioners and specialists. CSD has Longitudinal Patient Databases (LPD) across 8 countries: Top 5 Europe, Belgium, Australia, and South Korea.

"In the context of an epidemic such as Flu A/ H1N1, public health authorities need to have real time information concerning disease propagation to make appropriate and timely decisions. LPD, which continuously track patients based on physicians' daily practice (electronic medical records) will have their place in the future surveillance of epidemics" commented Toussi Massoud, MD, PhD CSD Medical Research France.

This research will be presented at the ISPOR 13th Annual European Congress in Prague, Czech Republic, 6-9 November 2010 during Poster Session III (Research Presentation PIN5) at the Prague Congress Centre, Prague, Czech Republic.


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