Alaska Northern Lights manufactures a bright light therapy box that aids in treating chronic health problems such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), depression, bipolar disorder and sleep problems. Sufferers of SAD, a form of clinical depression, include up to 25 percent of those living in northern latitudes who experience varying degrees of SAD during winter months when there is less natural light. Night shift workers are also susceptible to SAD which affects over one third of the population, or about 10.8 million Americans.

"Our bright light box treatment affects the pineal gland's production of melatonin, a hormone that is believed to help prevent and relieve symptoms of depression," says Alaska Northern Lights President Cort Christie. "We find that our bright light box treatment, prescribed by physicians for SAD, also works extremely well for insomnia and other health problems." Christie says that daily use can reduce time lost from work and reduced productivity.

"Many people subscribe to 'I'll just deal with it' thinking when it comes to SAD, depression or insomnia," said Christie. "But these illnesses may lead to more serious health problems and put a tremendous strain on relationships." The bright light therapy box is a healthy and inexpensive alternative to prescription drugs which can make users groggy and lead to bizarre side effects such as sleep eating and sleep driving. We believe that people should try a safe, non-prescription treatment first to alleviate problems."

Alaska Northern Lights

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