With a sporting lifestyle becoming popular, the average fitness enthusiasts are pushing themselves harder and harder, leading to more frequent incidences of injury. To help manage this growing trend, Back2Sports, a division of Core Concepts group, launched an e-book on Sports Injury Management.

Calvin Sim, a Principal Physiotherapist at Back2Sports, says, "The benefit of sports is tremendous. These benefits should not be out-weighted by the sporting injuries that could be have been prevented. If not prevented, then at least better managed to enable a quick return to sports. Education plays a major role in making it so."

The e-book, Sports Injury Management: Volume 1, is freely available for download at Back2Sports's website, Back2sports.sg/BookVol1.php. Volume 1 collects a set of articles covering a range of common sporting injuries on the lower limb affecting the knees, ankles and foot.

About Back2Sports

Back2Sports™ is the sport injury management division of Core Concepts. We treat sports related injuries and other musculo-skeletal problems of elite, competitive and serious amateur athletes. Our area of speciality is in the rehabilitation of shoulder and knee conditions.

As a division of Core Concepts, the largest private rehabilitation practice in Singapore, we are uniquely positioned to bring together our depth and range of expertise in musculo-skeletal rehabilitation, sports massage and strength conditioning on a platform of specialised equipment and treatment protocol for advance sports injury management.

Back2Sports™ is a division of Core Concepts, a leading musculo-skeletal therapy specialist group in Singapore. The Core Concepts group was established in 2003, comprises of Core Concepts - Physiotherapy Centre, Back2Sports - Sports Injury Management, Strong Massage! - Sports Massage for Sports People and Fitness Space


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